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  • We’ve compiled a list of some of the most common questions and complaints that people encounter on their computers. Hopefully you’ll be able to resolve computer problems yourself with this information or, at least, gain some insight and direction on getting this accomplished. Need help fast? Submit a technical support request.

    Memory vs. Programs - The most common cause for a slow computer we’ve encountered is simply too many programs running at startup for the amount of memory you have. The fix? Either install more memory or reduce the number of programs running when you start your computer!

    Spyware and Malware – The fastest growing threat to computers today are these forms of malicious software. Not just annoying, Spyware can use your computer to send out spam emails and pop-up advertisements on your computer. Some Spyware (keyloggers) will even record your usernames, passwords and web activity, then send them anonymously to someone who may steal your identity, read your email or even log into your bank’s online website! If you suspect your computer is infected, please visit the links page to download free software to help remove it.

    Hard Drive Failure – If your hard drive is failing it will cause slowness and, in severe cases, freezes or “blue screens”. If you see these symptoms it is vital that you backup your data as soon as possible.

    Start from the Beginning – Sounds simple, but most of these issues can be resolved by turning off your computer and modem (router too, if you have one), check that all cables are tight then restart your system. If you have cable internet, make sure the “online” or “internet” light is steadily lit. If you have high speed internet through your phone line, make sure the “DSL” light is a steady green on your modem.

    Go Back in Time – Sometimes, network drivers can become corrupted and no longer work. This occurs occasionally when drivers are updated or when new software gets installed. You can use the System Restore utility to roll back your computer to an earlier date. If you need assistance with this, please contact us.